Fast Track Services: SA Passport Renewal, registration, marriage and birth certificate.

How it works

The normalprocess for a passport renewal can take up to 8 months. SA Home Affairshas started with a new process where they first do a “determination ofCitizenship” at the “Status determination Section” to confirm ifthe client is eligible for a passport. This means the application processwill take even longer than what is currently advertised on the SA HighCommission website.

You have to apply for yourpassport at the SA High Commission or SA Consulate in your country ofresidence. When submitting your application at the SA High Commission orSA Consulate, you will be given a receipt. Please scan & email this receiptdirectly to us. We can then start tracking your application.

When we receive confirmationthat your passport application has arrived in Pretoria from the SA HighCommission or SA Consulate, we then start with the fast tracking process to getyour passport issued as soon as possible. Your new passport will be deliveredto your residential address or any other address specified.

Our turnaroundtime is normally anything between 4-12 weeks from the date the passportapplication reach SA Home Affairs in Pretoria. Currently, it takes 1-4weeks for passport applications to arrive in Pretoria.

Please contact us to confirm the cost for the fast track service.